2022 Trials Committee

Chairman   Bevis Jordan
Vice Chairman    Keith Preston 
Local Secretary  

Caroline Jordan 

Local Treasurer    Claire Murphy 
Chief Sheep Steward   Mark Day 
Health and Satefy Officer   Colin Anderson 


Supporting Commitee Members: 

Debbie Jordan, Craig Stewart, Colon Balmbro, Colin & Michelle Anderson, Michael Davidson,  Willie Armstrong, Mike Northwood, Tony Iley, Susan Pearson, Peter Telfer, Angie Canham, Ron MacCrae, Keith Preston, Marilyn Iley, David Henderson, Jonjo Patterson, Paul Bristow and David Corbett


Special thanks to Landowner for their cooperation. 
Mr Stuart Hyslop


Contact Local Committee: 

Caroline Jordan - cazj2810@icloud.com / 07833 228 799

From Left: Michelle & Colin Anderson, Ron Macrae, Angie Canham,
Kris Grey (Farm Manger) and Clare Murphy. 


Bevis Jordan


Vice Chairman

Keith Preston



Caroline Jordan



Clare Murphy


Health &
Safety Officer

Colin Anderson


Course Director

Pete Telfer



Mark Day 
Willie Armstrong



Ron Macrae



Michael Davidson