About the English Nationals

National Trials are held by the ISDS annually each summer in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The top 150 English sheepdogs and their handlers compete for a chance to represent England at the Annual International Trials each year, usually held in September. Each handler can enter a maximum of three dogs, but only two of these may run, the third being an ‘alternate’ dog who may be substituted for one of the two.

The English National takes place over three days; the five highest scoring competitors from each day win a place in the England team. At the end of the third day's competition, there is a runoff between the winners from each day to find the overall England Champion and the England team captain. Each National Team has 15 places and one reserve place, so competition is fierce.

During the lunch break every day, whilst the singles competitors and singles judges seek refreshment, the best Brace teams in England compete before the Brace judges to find the English National Brace Champion.  They also have the honour of representing their country at the International Trial.  


2017 - England Team

1st and English National Champion Ricky Hutchinson and Sweep

2nd Sergio Perello and Murguia Jim

3rd Michael Longton and Rainow Todd

4th David Henderson and Star

5th Ricky Hutchinson and Jock

6th David Wood and Lin

7th Thomas Longton and Maya

8th James Howard and Bill

9th Jed Watson and Jake

10th Ed Hawkins and Gipping Valley Troy

11th Ross Watson and Nidderdale Nidd

12th Ben Smith and Ben

13th David Cole and Sanduck Moss

14th Katy Cropper and Tsavo

15th Shirley Cropper and Beechwood Ben

Reserve Vic Morris and Bob 


2017 - England Brace Champion Ricky Hutchinson with Jock and Sweep

Runner up - Katy Cropper with Tsavo and Zac