2016 Results - Day 2

The second day of trialling started on time at 7.30am, with the singles judges Robin Dean and Bevis Jordan back in their seats. Today's sheep are being re-run from yesterday. There are blue skies and bright sunshine and it is already quite warm. The forecast is for a dry, sunny day and the temperatures could rise later. 

It has been decided this morning that tomorrow's trialling will start at 7am, due to the full singles entry and three brace runs, plus the run-offs for reserve team member and the championship to be held at the end of the day. There are also high winds forecast for tomorrow and an early Met Office warning has been issued.

There are another 50 singles runs in the programme today and three more brace competitors. This year's brace judges are Matt Watson and Tim Longton.

Signal has been poor on the field today making it difficult to post on the website, but most of the tweets have been going through.


The top five before lunch were:

1, Tim Foster, Cockburn Mist, 190;

2, Mark Elliott, Pat, 181;

3, James Howard, Bill (alt), 178;

4, Thomas Longton, Maya, 175;

5, Michael Glasgow, Finn, 174;

Reserve, Nij Vyas, Skye, 169.


So far, the brace competiton has been disappointing. Out of today's three competitors only Bob Harland managed to post a score. He almost completed the course, with the bell calling time as he was closing the pen gate. He is the current leader with Flash and Laddie. There are three more brace runs to come tomorrow.

Generally the sheep have been more settled today. At run number 87, Ricky Hutchinson stormed to the top of the leader board with Sweep. He stayed at the top, seven points clear of nearest contenders, Tim Foster and his red and white Cockburn Mist.

Michael Longton also had a solid run with Rainow Todd at number 74 to take thrid place in the top five, scoring 185. Ray Edwards and Brad were fourth and Peter Wood just hung on to his fifth place with his tri-colour bitch Freebirch Sue.

Some dogs were coming off the field very hot as the sun shone for most of the day. Later on there were patches of cloud which gave some respite from the heat. The judges brought in a standard this afternoon and trialling concluded at 7pm. 

Another long day is expected tomorrow and the action will start at 7am.


The top five at the end of day two were:

1, Ricky Hutchinson, Sweep, 197;

2, Tim Foster, Cockburn Mist, 190;

3, Michael Longton, Rainow Todd, 185;

4, Ray Edwards, Brad, 183;

5, Peter Wood, Freebirch Sue, 182;

Reserve, Mark Elliott, Pat, 181.