2016 Results - Day 3

Trialling started on time at 7am on the last day of the 2016 National, with Keith Preston and Cammen Nip first to the post. It's a fresher morning today and is already quite blustery. 

There are fresh sheep being run today, from the same flock as the first two days. There are another 50s singles entries and three brace competitors. 
At the end of the day will be the run-off to decide the reserve team member and the championship run-off between the winners of the three days. A late finish is expected!
There will be a special trophy presented to the 2016 English champion, a silver salver in memory of local man Jack Hollows. Jack was renowned in the world of stick making and trialling. Jack's daughters Linda and Gena have donated this one-off award, especially apt at this year's venue on Jack's home patch.
As well as the craft and catering marquees and various trade stands, there has been a children's tent over the weekend and a 'handler's corner' to explain to newcomers what trialling and working dogs are all about.


There are yet to be any high scores today. The sheep aren't working badly but they are tricky and people are using up their time. 
Late in the morning the crowds started arriving to watch the trials. The craft marquee has been doing a good trade and there is lots of interest at the ISDS stand.
The signal tends to disappear as the crowds appear, jamming the networks as they try to use their phones!
So far Matt Watson and Shinehill Morse are still in the lead on 173 points. They ran early this morning and have yet to be challenged.

The top five before lunch were:
1, Matt Watson, Shinehill Morse, 173;
2, Brian Bell, Hutch, 166;
3, Bob Watson, Jay, 161;
4, Tim Longton, Bob, 159;
5, Richard Briggs, Fly, 157;
Reserve, John Atkinson, Whiterose Queen, 153.


Ricky Hutchinson has won the brace championship with Jock and Sweep by a clear margin. He scored 216 points and was the only back competitor to post a score today. Both Mark Banham and Shirley Cropper were disqualified. 
Bob Harland will also represent England in the brace at the International with Flash and Laddie.
Jock and Sweep worked well together, but the run wasn't without incident. They missed the fetch gates and Ricky had to shed a second time when one determined ewe broke back to her friends.


Running in the evening at number 148, Jed Watson and Gwydr Zac matched Matt Watson's early score of 173, but beat them on their olf points. 

Due to the late finish, the run-off for the reserve team member was not held and it was decided the judges would decide who would go through.

The light was fading fast as the top three went forward for the championship run-off. Emma Gray was drawn first and she set a good standard. Ricky Hutchinson needed more than one attempt at the shed and his lines weren't quite as good as Emma's.

Jed Watson and Gwydr Zac took to the field in a business-like manner and won the championship on 186 points.

Emma was reserve on 180 and Ricky scored 174.


The top five for the day were:

1, Jed Watson, Gwydr Zac, 173, olf89;

2, Matt Watson, Shinehill Morse, 173, olf79;

3, Steven Duckworth, Barney, 172;

4, Richard Fawcett, Lola, 171;

5, Ed Hawkins, Gipping Valley Troy, 167;

Reserve, Brian Bell, Hutch, 166.