2017 National Team

Singles and brace champion, Ricky Hutchinson woth Sweep and Jock. PICTURE: Suzy Frost


The English team for 2017. PICTURE: Suzy Frost



Singles results


English National champion, Ricky Hutchinson and Sweep;

Reserve, Sergio Perello and Murguia Jim;

3, Michael Longton and Rainow Todd;

4, David Henderson and Star;

5, Ricky Hutchinson and Jock;

6, David Wood and Lin;

7, Thomas Longton and Maya;

8, James Howard and Bill;

9, Jed Watson and Jake;

10, Ed Hawkins and Gipping Valley Troy;

11, Ross Watson and Nidderdale Nidd;

12, Ben Smith and Ben;

13, David Cole and Sanduck Moss;

14, Katy Cropper and Tsavo;

15, Shirley Cropper and Beechwood Ben.

Reserve, Vic Morris and Bob.


Brace results:


Brace champion: Ricky Hutchinson with Jock & Sweep: 257

Reserve: Katy Cropper with Tsavo & Zac: 223