2017 Results

Results of the Singles runs will be published daily.

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Singles and brace champion, Ricky Hutchinson with Sweep and Jock. PICTURE: Suzy Frost


The 2017 English team. PICTURE: Suzy Frost



Singles results


English National champion, Ricky Hutchinson and Sweep; 194 Points

Reserve, Sergio Perello and Murguia Jim; 196 Points

3, Michael Longton and Rainow Todd; 195 Points

4, David Henderson and Star; 189 Points

5, Ricky Hutchinson and Jock; 187 Points

6, David Wood and Lin; 180 Points

7, Thomas Longton and Maya; 177 Points

8, James Howard and Bill; 172 Points

9, Jed Watson and Jake; 168 Points

10, Ed Hawkins and Gipping Valley Troy; 177 Points

11, Ross Watson and Nidderdale Nidd; 171 Points

12, Ben Smith and Ben; 168 Points

13, David Cole and Sanduck Moss; 174 Points

14, Katy Cropper and Tsavo; 162 Points

15, Shirley Cropper and Beechwood Ben. 158 Points

Reserve, Vic Morris and Bob. 168 Points




Brace competition


All eight brace competitors ran on Thursday afternoon with mixed fortunes. There was a mix of weather; rain, wind, cloud and hot sunshine on a super looking course with good mule sheep. The judges were Eamonn Lawless and Bevis Jordan.

Val Powell ran first. The sheep moved quietly for Cully and Tyke but the sheep proved decidedly tricky at the open pen where they timed up.

Both Thomas Longton and Bob Harland retired.

Tom Huddleston timed up at the gated pen having shed quickly and got them in the open pen. One ewe decided to leave the open pen. Had it not been for this, this run might have been completed.

Tim Foster running his two red bitches retired at the open pen.

Shirley Cropper timed up at the second pen after problems with the outrun and worked very hard to get the shed and first pen.

Katy Cropper had a speedy round and had the first completed run.

Ricky Hutchinson followed this up with another completed run with Sweep and Jock. 


Brace results


Brace champion: Ricky Hutchinson with Jock & Sweep: 257 Points

Reserve: Katy Cropper with Tsavo & Zac: 223 Points