Day 3

News from day three of the English National will be posted here.

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Reports from Suzy Frost



Overnight rain, thunder and lightning has cleared and at 6am it is dry (for now). 
The last 47 dogs will run today with the highest scoring run competing against Sergio Perello and Murguia Jim and Michael Longton with Rainow Todd in the run off. 7.30 start.
Running on the sheep from day 1 of the singles, every run had a fair chance with an even packet of sheep. There were a number of competitors who had trouble getting their dogs to negotiate the obstacles on the outrun and consequently there were a lot of retirements. The judges brought in a standard as soon as they were able and had competitors swiftly pulled off. The day's running was through very quickly with plenty of time for the run-off which was on the full course.
The morning started with grey skies and drizzle but before the first run had completed the rain had stopped and the sun had broken through. The winning run came very early in the day. Second on Ricky Hutchinson and Sweep scored 194.
Running out of time continued to lower the scores. There were several disqualifications and retirements.
There was much excitement when local handler Ed Hawkins and Gipping Valley Troy ran well posting a score of 177 which secured a team spot.
David Wood and Lin on 180 ran shortly after. Thomas Longton with Maya also finished on 177. Running very near the end David Cole completed on 174 with Sanduck Moss. The reserve spot went to Vic Morris with Bob.
The run off took place in good light. Sergio and Jim ran first and set a high standard, having good work underhand. Ricky's run with Sweep was very close. The outrun had an extra command but the drive was very good. Michael had less luck and working for the single lost more points.
The winner was Ricky and Sweep, meaning he has taken both the singles and doubles titles.
Sergio and Jim had a deserved second. Michael and Todd were third.