What's going on during the trial?

Commentary team:

Noel Armstrong, Katy Cropper, Nigel Davis, Jane Gilman, Rachel Helm,
Brenda Helliwell and Elaine Hill


Time keeping team:

Gill Burbidge, Helen Bonsall, Debbie Bostock, Piers Bostock, Kate Holdsworth,
Jane Johnson and Sue Richards


Official Photographer:
Ruth Downing, Rural Pictures

We're very pleased to announce that this year, we will have "The History of Dovedale Sheep Dog Trials" book available for purchase through the ISDS Shop.
Written by Nigel Davis and Ian Smith, Foreword by Katy Cropper – it’s a fascinating insight into the history of sheepdog trialling in the area and the legacy of the past-time from 1891.