2014 National Team

  1. Team Captain – James Howard with Wisp
  2. Derek Scrimgeour with Fleece
  3. David Wood with Sally
  4. Dick Roper with Pete
  5. Dick Roper with Spot
  6. Richard Smith with Shinehill Glen
  7. David Bristow with Parksfarm Bella
  8. Ben Smith with Ben
  9. Larry Cowper with Eric
  10. Michael Davidson with Sweep
  11. Gordon Watt with Huthwaite Moss
  12. Michael Longton with Rainow Todd
  13. Derek Scrimgeour with Mirk
  14. Tom Lawrenson with Max
  15. Mark Elliott with Tip

Reserve Team member – Ed Hawkins with Bill

English National Brace Winner - Ricky Hutchinson with Sweep & Fly

Brace Runner-up George Bonsall with Jet & Tim