Day 2

7.50: An exceptionally propmpt start this morning. The sun is out and it is bright. Kerry Watt's Reba didn't get the sheep so quickly off. Bevis Jordan had to whistle his dog out and came offline all down the fetch so another retirement.

8.00: We are a[ready on to the fifth run. It has clouded ovr and gone grey. George Bonsall had problems at the pen and after losing them round the pen a few times came off as Jet was getting too close! Tim Longton's Eddy had a tight outrun and took a bit to lift. They got to the shedding ring where they retired. 

8.40: Ed Hawkins and Bill are the first to complete today to much applause. Kevin Dodd and Bill have timed up at ghe pen.  Peter Telfer's Bling ran out nicely to the left.

9.15: It is fresh sheep today. They are a bit touchy. Peter Telfer completed his run. Ross Watson retired on the fetch. Mark Elliott and Tip have just completed a fair run. There is a wind again today but it is a lot warmer than yesterday. 

9.40: Taking off is again being done by Jackie and John Marsh, Merrill Fox and Sarah Walker. The cheery faces of Matt and Helen Vickery greet everyone going into the grandstand, which goves the best view of the course, apart from at the post and in the judges' box. Grahan Baldry and Bob didn't fare well and retired on the fetch. 

10.00: The programmes had sold out by this morning. Alan von Dinther had a good start to his run but came low on the cross drive and missed the gates. Problems at the pen put them below the standard. Andrew Hunter and Jess are quick;ly off after a fast fetch way off line. Commentary this morning has been from David Grant (West Coun try) and Bob Wilden (East Anglia). Sunshine has fluctuated - coats are still required. 

10.15: Paul Turnbull's Roy crossed. Stuart Wilkinson and Holly had a fair run but timed up as they entered the ring for the single. Run 66, Colin Balmbro, on now, but problems at the top mean another retiral. Louise Amos will run instead of Raymond MacPherson.

10.45: Louise with Kohl was having her first National run. A good outrun they lost a chunk off the fetch for a big deviation but this was corrected and they caught the gates. The sheep were unsettled in the ring and the shed took a lot of time. Time was up as the pen gate was closing. Angie Blackmore gave extra commands on the outrun for Moss but drove well. A great shed was spoilt by mistakes at the pen but they finished the single in time.

11.20: Mark Day and Spot started well but retired in the shed. Jed Watson's Jay crossed on the outrun. Matt Carter, one of our youngest competitors, has just fallen below the standard before going to the pen. Chris Roe has taken over the PA and Rob Moore has joined the taking off team. 

11.50: Richard Briggs retired after the drive. Jackie Goulder dropped below the standard in the shedding ring. Dave Thompson and Cruise retired after missing the cross drive gates. Two more before the Brace will leave 24 to run this afternoon. Chairs are 3-4 deep in places and run all along the fence line to the car park. Mark Elliott is still ahead; today's scores have been generally low, with nothing spectacular as yet.

12.20: Two more scores! Frank Satterthwaite and Greg completed. Harrry Hutchinson and Bob timed up in the single, A small break while the doubles are organised. Noel Armstong has taken over the commentary and is advertising the Johnny Cash tribute band playing tonight. 

1.20: Today's Brace runs: Thomas Longton had a tight right hand outrun but completed. Tom Huddleston's Deni had problems finding the sheep and came off. Val Powell with Mint and Cully completed their run. Two of today's competitors have a score of 160, matching that of Mark Day yesterday. Their places are determined by the OLF scores - see Results page.The singles have now resumed.

2.10: J Fletcher and Jack fell below the standard at the pen. Amy Rouse and Charles Cutler didn't get their sheep. 16 left to run. a number of spectators aren't clear what is happening, but Expert'sCorner  with Tom Huddleston will hopefully enlighten them.

2.30: Larry Cowper and Eric finished with a good single. Jenny Holdsworth and Megan retired on their drive. There has been a persistent wind all  day, but the sun has lit the field and warmed the spectators at times. The grandstand is shady and cold, but the fence line is fairly packed.

3.10: Richard Smith and Glen, another National first timer, had a good run and finished. Michael Longton and Todd also completed.

3.45: Richard Montgomery and Adrian Hall have both fallen foul of the standard. The wind is still blowing; possibly this is is affecting the sheep. Although two runs of 171 points and two and 170 have just been posted, we are still waiting for a high scoring run to rivalk yesterday.4.00: Two more fall by the wayside - on to run 92.

5.30: James Read retired on the drive. Athol Clark fell below the standard after penning. The wind seems to be affecting dogs on the fetch as they are running down and apparently not hearing commands. Brian Bell's sheep have been way off line on the fetch but better on the drive, but Brian then retired, as did Malcolm Mason. Ben Smith went below the standard in the shed. Eamonn Lawless was timed out in the single. Emma Gray had an offline fetch but better driving. Twice round the pen where they had to come off.  Two left to run.

5.50: Derek Scrimgeour and Fleece have completed despite a very awkward ewe in the single., They had a successful outrun on the right. Good driving and turns. First score in a while.Dennis Purdham retired on the cross drive. This concludes today's running. 7am start tomorrow, so an early breakfast for everyone.

Today's runs were very much affected by the wind which was blowing south westerly across the course (right to left). The wind was stronger today. Yesterday we saw many dogs requiring a redirect on the outrun and today the dogs running out right had difficulty hearing these commands. (Those sent left did not have the same problem.) Consequently there were a number of dogs that failed to reach the sheep. On the fetch there were many that went offline and it took a while to correct them due to dogs not hearing and the added problem that when offline the handler could not see the sheep either as they went into a dip either right or left of the fetch line. Another area of the course to be affected was just before the cross drive gates where a number of dogs paused. If the sheep were online it wasn't too much of a problem but there were some wider turns as a result because dogs were slow to react to the flank commands. The sheep continued to test at the pen but there were fewer to reach this stage of the run as many retired or fell below the standard on the drive or shed. There were lots of spectators today and it was a shame not more handlers stayed out. However, we've had a relatively early finish with the penultimate runner taking the lead. 'Johnny Trashed' are doing their best to entertain on site.