2015 National Team


2015 English Team

1st and National champion Dick Roper with Spot

2nd Mark Elliott with Pat

3rd Vic Morris with Bob

4th Gordon Watt with Huthwaite Storm

5th Mark Elliott with Tip

6th Kevin Dodd with Malpas Bill

7th Richard Smith with Shinehill Glen

8th Derek Scrimgeour with Fleece

9th Ray Edwards with Bob

10th Paul Turnbull with Glen

11th Thomas Longton with Maya

12th Ricky Hutchinson with Sweep

13th Jim Nicholls with Joe

14th Tom Huddleston with Udale Jet

15th James Gilman with Bob

Reserve Bob Watson with Max


2015 English National Champion Dick Roper with Spot

PICTURE: Lisa Soar


2015 England National Team

PICTURE: Lisa Soar


2015 English National Brace champion Ricky Hutchinson with Sweep and Jock

PICTURE: Lisa Soar