Results Day 1 (Thursday 6th August 2015)


The course is set on an open field, at first glance it looks flat, but when you walk it there are slight rolls and undulations in the land.  About three quarters of the way up the field on the right-hand gather, there is a line of four trees and an old fence line. There is a hedge boundary on the right of the field, and a fence running along the left-hand side of the course. The drives are right-handed. The post is just outside the shedding ring, with the pen to the right of the ring.The line of the cross-drive is in front of the fetch gates.

Thomas Longton will be first to the post with Tot. Second to run will be Jed Watson who will be running his alternate dog, Mirk. Thomas sends Tot right and he runs through the gap above the trees, they complete their run.

Jed sent his dog on the right-hand gather as the first spots of rain start to fall. They missed the second drive gates, but completed their run.

Michael Davidson and Sweep missed the cross-drive gates and have been asked to shed again by the judges. They were timed up as they were going to the pen.

Ricky Hutchinson sent Sweep on the left-hand outrun, and as Sweep was nearing the top of the field it looked like he was coming in below the sheep, so Ricky had to whistle him out. They had a tricky ewe in their packet, and lost them a few times around the pen, but completed in time.

Ed Hawkins and Bill ran out of time just as they were about to pen.

Despite a forecast of fine weather for three days, the rain has really set in.

The sheep are working ok, but do not like being hassled. They are quite light and are very touchy at the pen.

Ben Smith and Omega Zac are timed up in the single. They had one ewe out at the first drive and the packet was splitting on the cross-drive.

A break in the weather is most welcome as the skies clear a bit to reveal the hills.

David Henderson and Star have had a nice run round the course but the sheep stood up to the dog a bit when going to the pen and they tested again at the pen with the dog reacting and making contact with the sheep. A retirement for David and Star.

Val Powell to the post with Mint, braving it and not wearing a coat. Mint has gone out right which is the favoured side. A couple of missed gates, the sheep did not settle on this run and they retired after two unsuccessful single attempts.

The clearer weather promised by commentator Noel Armstrong this morning has come about with sunshine and warmer temperatures. The umbrellas have come down and waterproofs are being removed.

Merrill Fox has withdrawn Reg for run 14 and Andrew Hunter and Tess will run instead.

Nij Vyas and Jake are being troubled by one ewe who is lagging behind on the drive. She has cost them time as they timed up at the pen.

Andrew Hunter and Tess have gone round catching all the gates but the sheep are being challenging at the pen and one ewe has set off up the field unwilling to play the game. Tess has caught her and turned her and they are back at the pen mouth again but the bell has rung.

The alternating conditions of sunshine and clouds is creating a lot of change in the appearance of the course which is changing by the second as a cloud flies over.

James Dumbleton and Sid have timed up as they were about to take the single. The light has gone very flat over the course with nasty looking dark grey clouds approaching over the hills which have again disappeared.

Derek Scrimgeour and Jim timed up at the pen after taking time achieving the shed.

Ian Murdoch is the last run before the brace runs.

A completed run before the brace.

At the end of the morning runs Ricky Hutchinson is holding onto his lead on 171 points.

First to the post in the brace is Ian Mackay running Lyn and Slip. A big mistake just before the fetch gates when one of the dogs circles the sheep. They struggled to bring the sheep down the fetch.

Val Powell is next to run with Mint and Cully. There is a delay letting out the sheep at the top of the field. Mint was sent out on the left-hand outrun a fraction before Cully to the right, they kept their sides at the top go the field, but Mint was some distance off at the lift. They caught all the gates around the field and Cully shed, but the sheep rejoined and they had to shed again. After a bit of a battle Cully got the five into the open pen. Mint penned with 16 seconds to spare to complete their run, to the flight of the spectators who responded with applause and cheers.

Another cheer goes up when the commentator announces that Australia have been bowled out in the first innings at the third test. 

Last to run in the brace today is Colin Pickford with Rainow Bo and Chappie. They caught the fetch, but the sheep were leaning on the dogs and were sticky on the first drive, before bolting on the start of the cross-drive. They missed the second drive gates on the low side. Their run came to an end in the shedding ring with a grip.

Frank Setterthwaite is first to the post when the singles resume, he will be running Mat.

The rain has returned, seeing a demand for the ISDS umbrellas in the marquee.

Ray Edwards misses the first drive. Ray and Bob go on to complete their run.

Next to run is English National President Dick Roper. Dick misses the first drive, as the sheep bolt up the drive, led by a tricky ewe.

Mark Elliott goes into the lead with Pat after completing their run on 190 points. Ray Edwards scores 175.

George Bonsall completes the course with Jet, the pen was going well until one ewe broke out as the gate was closing.

Michael Longton and Don are next to run. Michael opts for the left-hand outrun. 

George Redpath and Scott have trouble at the pen.

Charles Cutler is running now and has sent Lottie on the right-hand outrun. They missed the first drive and standard was called after their shed.

Alan Bradley and Tess got back to the ring after the pen, but Tess wouldn't hold the single and the bell rang for time.

Trialling continues into the evening. Tom Huddleston has scored 159 with Udale Ola, and a few runs later Rob Watson scored 166.

The shearling North Country Mules continue to be tricky to handle. The shed and pen are proving particularly challenging.

Two completed runs from Richard Briggs and Arthur Temple.

Trialling concluded at 8.25pm with James Gilman and Bob gaining a place in the team with the last run of the day.


Day 1 top 5:

1 Mark Elliott with Pat 190

2 Kevin Dodd with Malpas Bill 176

3 Ray Edwards with Bob 175

4 Ricky Hutchinson with Sweep 171

5 James Gilman with Bob 167

Reserve R.H. Watson with Max 166


First to run at the 2015 English National was Thomas Longton and Tot, a completed run and a score of 163 



Ricky Hutchinson and Sweep ran in the morning rain at number five, they gained a place in the team on 171 points


Val Powell was the only brace handler to post a score today. She was running Mint and Cully, a completed run on 193 points out of a possible 280


The North Country Mules were challenging at the pen - Joe Relph and Carl


George Smithson closes the pen gate during his late evening run with Jan.


Local committee member James Gilman singles in the last run of the day to take a place in the team on 167 points


There were lots of two-legged and four-legged spectators lining the fence to watch the running today.