Results Day 2 (Friday 7th August 2015)


Ed Hawkins and Malabar Tip are first to the post and they complete the course.

Today's sheep are being re-run from yesterday.

Ben Smith sends Ben on the left-hand outrun and gives him two whistles. They missed the second drive on the top side, the shed was a struggle with a couple to attempts, but they completed their run in time.

Val Powell and Cully are next to run. Cully runs out to the right and through the gap above the trees, in the haze of the sunshine it was difficult to see Cully at the top of the field and the lift took a while. Going for a tight turn at the second drive gates, Val turned them just in front. They completed the at-hand work.

Norman Delgarno and Roy are beaten by the clock in the single. They had a battle at the pen which took some time.

Sandy Beaton and Sam completed their run after a good pen though had to re-single.

Sue Little and Bryn had a quiet run catching all their gates. The sheep broke away at the pen but they finished the single.

Dave Cole and Sanduck Moss complete their run after a very steady round under a hot sun.

John Palmer and Dot have completed the course. They had problems round the cross drive gates where the dog appeared to have problems hearing turning the sheep the wrong way twice, before and after the gates.

Andy Jackman and Joe have retired after a fast lift and the sheep did not settle on the run.

Kerry Watt and Reba had a slow start to their fetch and time caught up with them in the single as they timed up here.

There is a large number of spectators filling the stands and the ice cream van will be seeing a lot of trade today.

John Carter and Jay were having a good run but a big chunk of points went on the cross drive and then at the pen which put them below the standard.

Katy Cropper and Zac have completed their run, two sheep giving them grief at the pen.

Tom Huddleston will be the last singles run before lunch and before today's brace takes place. Tom and Udale Jet complete the course.

Ricky Hutchinson working Sweep and Jock were first to run in the brace today. Sweep was sent out on the right, a few seconds before Jock. Jock was powering on down the fetch. Around the field they caught all the gates but the cross-drive line was a bit high and the sheep walked above the fetch gates. Ricky shed with Jock, without incident. At the open pen with Sweep one of the Mules sneaked around the back of the pen, but Ricky got her back and into the pen without letting the others out. Jock went back up the field to gather the other five. As they were penning Sweep left the mouth of the open pen but some quick commands from Ricky got him back on watch and Jock penned the second packet. They completed their run on a score of 226 to take the lead in the brace after day two.

The second brace competitor was Shirley Cropper running Danny and Beechwood Ben. They caught all the gates around the field but had some bends on the cross-drive. The shed took a bit of a time and then one stubborn sheep broke away to rejoin the others. After the second shed the sheep were very determined to try to break and Shirley ran out of time at the open pen. They scored 146.

Last to run in today's brace was Richard Briggs with Fly and Wenndale Guss. Guss was sent on the right, and Fly to the left. They both left the post at the same time. Guss pushed them off a bit at the lift with no sign of Fly. Fly then appeared over the brow but was working very wide off the sheep and they missed the fetch gates. After the turn around the post Fly took over on the first drive and wasn't listening which led to Richard deciding to retire.

James Read and Sal are the first singles run after the brace at number 70.

Louise Amos and Corriedhu Kohl are timed up after being asked to shed a second time.

Derek Scrimgeour and Fleece have a good run to take the lead on 179 points. Fleece needed a couple of come-bye flanks on the drive away, to catch the gates, so the turn was quite wide.

Adrian Hall and Mister manage to keep above the standard to finish their run.

Vic Morris sends Bob out on the right-hand outrun. After catching all the gates and completing the at-hand work, Bob gets a big pat from Vic.

The right-hand outrun continues to be the preferred side to send the dogs. To the left they can drop over the brow and out of sight, and depending on the light it can be difficult to spot them at the top of the field.

The sheep are less touchy today but can still be unpredictable and need careful handling. They need more push around the field and when they are run again tomorrow they may get heavier.

Joe Relph and Highfield Del run out of time in the single.

Kevin Dodd and Ben fall below the standard at the pe. With two runs to go there are lots of people still on the field. More are arriving for the tug of war competition which will follow the conclusion of today's trialling.

Last to run is Mark Elliott and Tip. Mark completes a very good run to end the day's competition.


Day 2 top 5:

1 Vic Morris with Bob 192

2 Mark Elliott with Tip 184

3 Derek Scrimgeour with Fleece 179

4 Thomas Longton with Maya 176 OLF

5 Tom Huddleston with Udale Jet 176 OLF

Reserve Adrian Hall with Mister 174


Winners of day two, Vic Morris and Bob

PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Mark Elliott and Tip took second place overll on 184 points, with the last run of the day 

PICTURE: Lisa Soar


At run number 78 Derek Scrimgeour took the lead with Fleece on 179 points, but by the end of the day they had to settle for third place 

PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Tom Huddleston's Udale Jet finished on a score of 176 to gain a place in the team 

PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Ricky Hutchinson completed his brace run with Jock and Sweep and took the lead on 226 points 

PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Flockstars mentor Ed Hawkins was first to run on day two of the English National. He completed the course with Malabar Tip and scored 155 points

PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Katy Cropper and Zac completed the course but it wasn't enough to gain a place in the team

PICTURE: Lisa Soar


There were still lots of spectators watching the runs late into the evening on the second day of the English National 

PICTURE: Lisa Soar