Results Day 3 (Saturday 8th August 2015)

Trialling starts early on the last day of the English National. The sun is shining again this morning and in the early light it is quite hazy looking down the field.

Michael Davidson and Groesfaen Taff retire on the outrun.

Merrill Fox sent Bob on the right-hand outrun. They caught all the gates around the field, shed and penned, but ran out of time in the single.

Jim Cropper ran Ricky at number 104. This was Jim's 50th National competition. 

They had four Mules slip above the second drive gates and all five went out of the ring before the shed was taken. The sheep were challenging the dog at the pen. They ran out of time in the single.

Michael Longton and Rainow Todd have the first completed run of the day. Michael sent Todd on the left-hand outrun and gave him an extra whistle. They caught all the gates and shed before the sheep walked into the pen. They singled well within time.

Peter Telfer and Bling complete the course.

The sun is still shining and it is getting very warm.

Michael Longton and Rainow Todd scored 179.

Malcolm Mason and Slip have retired on the fetch.

it is always nice to see someone who bothers to dress smartly to trial and Richard Smith has turned in a completed run dressed in shirt and tie. They had two minutes left on the clock after a decent run round.

jim Nicholls and Joe have completed. They had a hiccup after the cross drive gate but finished well to good support from his fellow West Country folk. 

Dennis Purdham is a non-runner and as there are no further reserve dogs we move straight on to Nij Vyas with Mac.

We have a new leader. Ray Edwards with Brad on 180.

Nij Vyas and Mac have retired after falling below the standard after shedding.

Paul Atkinson sends Fly out right. It is bright sunshine now with dark shadows along the hedge making seeing the dog on right hand outruns difficult to see. There are fewer birds on the course to distract the eye today. They have completed.

Tim Longton and Bob have started. A mistake on the drive away made for a wide turn and they have retired in the ring.

There is another new leader. Richard Smith's run with Shinehill Glen goes into the lead on 188 while Jim Nicholls and Joe are on 184. The scores are rising as the temperature does.

Shirley Cropper and Ben have completed. A tidy pen and swift single saw them with 4 minutes left on the clock. 

Roger Handy and Meg have fallen below the standard.

The brace will take place after run 124. 

The water bath for dogs will be used a lot today. There is little breeze and the sun is blazing down.

Alan Bradley with Kilcreen Fox are also below the standard.

Another another retirement due to the standard for Brian Bell and Hutch. 

Nigel Davies is on the PA and has announced cricket scores for those interested.

Colin Balmbro is at the post for the last run before the brace.

There were no completed runs in today's brace.

The fell race runners set off just after 1pm. There was a brief pause in trialling as they ran down the left-hand side of the course before heading into the hills. They will be expected back in around an hour. The course record is 54 minutes.

Dick Roper and Spot complete the course to loud applause from the very large crowd of spectators.

Standard is called in the single for David Wood and Sally.

Dick Roper has gone into the lead with a score of 200 points.

A completed run from Annie Ritakallio with her merle Comebye Jazz.

The fell race course record has been broken as the winner crosses the line in 51 minutes, 56 seconds.

Charles Cutler is on the field with Hillmoor Cap.

A number of runs are falling below the standard now.

James Howard sends Glen on the right-hand gather.

James completes the course.

Ricky Hutchinson walks onto the field with Jock and sends him left.

They had a good run around the field, and shed. At the pen the Mules just started to go down the side of the pen before they went in. But they struggled once back in the ring to get a collared sheep for the single and ran out of time.

The cut-off point for the team is 183 points.

Gordon Watt has gone into second place, above Richard Smith, with better OLF fetch points.

Paul Turnbull and Glen are last to run in the singles before the run-offs for the reserve team member and the final for the top three places between the winners of the three days.


The top five for today was:
1, Dick Roper, Spot, 200;
2, Gordon Watt, Huthwaite Storm, 188;
3, Richard Smith, Shinehill, Glen, 188;
4, Paul Turnbull, Glen, 186;
5,  T.J. Nicholls, Joe, 184.
Reserve: Annie Ritakallio, Comebye Jazz.

The run-off course for the reserve team place will be: Outrun, lift, fetch and pen, with a time limit of seven minutes. It will be run in catalogue order.

The run-off for the English champion will be: Outrun, lift, fetch, drive, shed and pen in a time limit of 13 minutes.

Dick Roper will run first, Vic Morris second and Mark Elliott will be the last to run in the top three final.


In the top three run-off, Dick Roper and Spot completed the course without incident. Vic Morris and Bob missed the first drive gates during their run, but also completed. Last to run was Mark Elliott, who missed the second drive gates with Pat. They completed the course with a very good pen.

The results were:

1st & English National champion: Run no. 127 - Dick Roper, Spot, 200 points, 1st in run-off;

2nd: Run no. 20 - Mark Elliott, Pat, 190, 2nd in the run-off;

3rd: Run no. 90 - Vic Morris, Bob, 192, 3rd in the run-off;

4th: Run no. 142 - Gordon Watt, Huthwaite Storm, 188;

5th: Run no. 100 - Mark Elliott, Tip, 184;

6th: Run no. 45 - Kevin Dodd, Malpas Bill, 176;

7th: Run no. 114 - Richard Smith, Shinehill Glen, 188;

8th: Run no. 78 - Derek Scrimgeour, Fleece, 179;

9th: Run no. 21 - Ray Edwards, Bob, 175;

10th: Run no. 150 - Paul Turnbull, Glen, 186;

11th: Run no. 74 - Thomas Longton, Maya, 176;

12th: Run no. 5 - Ricky Hutchinson, Sweep, 171;

13th: Run no. 115 - Jim Nicholls, Joe, 184;

14th: Run no. 69 - Tom Huddleston, Udale Jet, 176;

15th: Run no. 50 - James Gilman, Bob, 167.

Reserve: Bob Watson, Max, 166.

English National Champions Dick Roper and Spot. PICTURE: Lisa Soar
Brace champions Ricky Hutchinson and Sweep and Jock. PICTURE: Lisa Soar
Val Powell and Mint and Cully will also be running for England in the brace at the International. PICTURE: Lisa Soar
The 2015 singles judges Matt Watson and Eammon Lawless judging the run-off final. PICTURE: Lisa Soar
Mark Elliott's Pat. PICTURE: Lisa Soar
Jim Cropper was competing at his 50th National. PICTURE: Lisa Soar
Macclesfield & District Sheepdog Society chairman Ian Nixon was interviewed by Grenada TV today. PICTURE: Lisa Soar
The fell race also took place today. PICTURE: Lisa Soar