2016 National Team


2016 English Team

1st and National Champion Jed Watson with Gwydr Zac

2nd Emma Gray with Tweeddale Jamie

3rd Ricky Hutchinson with Sweep

4th Nij Vyas with Jake

5th Tim Foster with Cockburn Mist

6th Matt Watson with Shinehill Morse

7th Paul Turnbull with Mik

8th Michael Longton with Rainow Todd

9th Stephen Duckworth with Barney

10th Ricky Hutchinson with Jock

11th Ray Edwards with Brad

12th Richard Facwett with Lola

13th Peter Wood with Freebirch Sue

14th Ben Smith with Ben

15th Ed Hawkins with Gipping Valley Troy

Reserve Mark Elliott with Pat



English National Singles champion Jed Watson with Gwydr Zac



2016 England National Team


2016 England Brace Champion

Ricky Hutchinson with Sweep and Jock

Reserve Bob Harland with Flash and Laddie