Results Day 1 (Friday 28th July 2017)

Running started at 7.30am with 48 dogs due to run and ended at 7.45pm. The top five will form part of the team. The judges for the singles class are John Palmer and Nij Vyas.

The parkland field is big with trees dotted about across the course. The right hand outrun is favoured because it is more open. The left hand side has a rise with trees, felled trees and brush on it which causes an obstacle on this side. About five dogs were sent left and only two with any real success.

The course has a right hand drive which takes in ups and downs on the field. All the gates are fully visible, the drive gates set on inclines. 

The sheep, north country mules, have run well throughout. They've been a challenge but a good test of dogs.

The day started with sunshine and intermittent cloud which increased through the day. The chilly morning wind warmed up but also increased, bringing with it traffic noise from the main road.

The sheep showed a shyness for the fetch gates and were hesitating here, turning left and right down the fetch, frittering points away for many. 

The points were not high for much of the day with many timing up at the pen or single.


Day 1 top five:

1 (41) Sergio Perello with Murguia Jim 196

2 (48) Ricky Hutchinson with Jock 187

3 (21) James Howard with Bill 172

4 (28) Ross Watson with Nidderdale Nidd 171

5 (3) Katy Cropper with Tsarvo 162

Reserve (39~125) Arthur Temple with Don (alt) 160