Results Day 2 (Saturday 29th July 2017)

The morning has dawned sunny with cloud. The forecast is for rain later in the afternoon but hopefully it will hold off. Let's hope today is not such a long day as yesterday and runs get completed in the dry.

Runnng starts at 7.30am

Today's trial was run on the flock used for the brace on Thursday. They appeared easier to pen but were tricky on the drive away as they were drawing to the right. They were difficult in the ring. A bright start to the day was enjoyed without Friday's cold wind though the skies clouded over by midday.

A standard was brought in early on today which meant trialling finished around 6.30pm

The better runs came earlier on in the day. Jed Watson running his alternate dog Jake at run number 35 completed on 168. The sheep were kept moving and when one tried to split away on the fetch it was quickly tucked back in. The judges asked Jed to shed again but he still managed to single in time.

At run 61 David Henderson and Star had a clean shed and pen and completed on 189. 

Shirley Cropper and Beechwood Ben picked their sheep up well and despite having to re-shed scored 158 which at the end of the day put them in fifth.

Michael Longton and Rainow Todd had a tidy run marred only by the outrun finishing on 195 for top spot today.

Derek Scrimgeour had a stroppy ewe in his packet which Lyn coped well with. 156 points put them in the reserve spot.


Day 2 top five:

1 (71) Michael Longton Rainow with Todd 195

2 (61) David Henderson with Star 189

3 (35~58) Jed Watson with Jake (alt) 168

4 (82) Ben Smith with Ben 168

5 (68) Shirley Cropper Beechwood with Ben 158

Reserve Derek Scrimgeour with Lyn 156