2018 Trial Committee

The Northern Sheepdog Association were pleased to be hosting the 2018 English National Sheepdog Trial.  

The Northern Sheepdog Association was formed in 1966 by a group of farmers and sheperds from Swaledale, Wensleydale and County Durham. They organise and hold trials throughout the year in the area. October through to the end of March is Nursery Season, when young dogs begin their careers. April through to the end of September is Open Season. Young dogs progress to Open dogs and test their abilities against the older experienced dogs. They are a club mostly made up of smaller Hill Farmers and retired farmers, as such many of their trials take place on friendly farmers sheep, who do not trial themselves. They are ever thankful to these people for allowing them to use their sheep and farmland a day or two every year.

The club was excited to be hosting The 2018 English National, and they hoped to make it a good one.


The national committee:


Chairman Brian Bell
Secretary Lynn Morland 
Assistant Course Director Frank Satterthwaite
Treasurer Peter Christensen
Health and Safety Ken Smith
Sheep Steward Jonathan Brunton
Sponsorship Manager Julie Atkinson
Press/Advertising Wendy Short 
Additional Committee Members: Simon Atkinson
  Malcome Metcalfe
  Alec Baines
  Andrew Procter
  Alison Procter
  Emma Procter
  Robbie Dupuy
  Steven Ledger
  Jean Bousfield
  Andrew Hunter
  Rod Green
  Richard Fawcett
  Roger Jewitt



Photo below - Committee members on the trial field


Photos below from the committee meeting held 27th March 2018