2021 Trial Committee

English National Committee 

President Susan Pattinson 
Chairman  Nigel Davis 
Vice-Chairman  John Etches
Honorary Secretary  Robert Watkins 
Honorary Assistant Secretary  Steph Wright 
Honorary Treasurer  Graham Nottage 
Field Manager 
Health & Safety Officer 
Ian Smith 
Chief Sheep Steward  David Wainwright
Trials Field Layout Sue Highton
Sponsorship Coordinator  Caroline Carr
Caravan & Campsite Coordinator  Edith Longdon 
Craft & Trade Stand Coordinator Terry Prince
Course Director James Gilman
Assistant Course Director  Will Hurley
Publicity Officer  Ruth Downing



Mick Allen, George Bonsall, Ellen Clewes, Robert Downing, Ann Etches, Pam Fagg, Peter Hallam, Freda Lovatt, Vera Nottage, Philip Richardson, Barbara Wager, Richard Wain

Co-opted: Robert Rowlinson, Messrs B & S Frith, and the Twemlow Family.


Nigel Davis is contactable via email at: nrdavis49@gmail.com

Telephone: TBC

Mobile: 07968 178634