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Congratulations to the 2019 English National Team

2019 English National Team

Photo courtesy of Lisa Soar


1st and National Champion Ricky Hutchinson with Jock

2nd David Wood with Polly

3rd Nij Vyas with Mist

4th Thomas H Huddleston with Udlae Olá

5th James Dumbleton with Sid

6th Ed Hawkins with Treflys Rob

7th Timothy Longton with Rooten Brook Ben

8th Jed T Watson with Bob

9th Paul Johnson with Groesfaen Sam

10th Shirley Barcroft with Beechwood Ben

11th Jim Cropper with Gil

12th Thomas H Huddleston with Udale Murray

13th Vic Morris with Gwyn

14th James S Howard with Lad

15th Steven Duckworth with Bert

Res Michael Longton with Treflys Gwyn


2019 Results